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BoardLine application, get the ideal board dimensions for you
BoardLine surfboard app is available on the Android Play Store BoardLine surfboard app is available on the Android Play Store
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BoardLine® will soon be on Google Play and App Store.

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BoardLineapp surfboard app is universal BoardLine® works for a wide range of brands, shapers and models. More than brands, models and surfers are already referenced. And more to come very soon! Universal
BoardLineapp surfboard app is totally free BoardLine® is absolutely free. The whole surf community can benefit from this powerful tool for free. Free
BoardLineapp surfboard app is collaborative With BoardLine, pro surfers, shapers and users can contribute to expand and update the surfboard data base. Collaborative
BoardLineapp surfboard app is based on science WILL YOU STAND THE SCIENCE ?
BoardLine® is based on simple yet powerful science. It has been developed by a water science engineer, with a Ph.D. in fluid dynamics. Science-based

What is the targeted audience of BoardLine®?

BoardLine® is dedicated to surfers who wish to improve their surfing at any level, from beginners to elite surfers. BoardLine® is particularly appropriate for groms wanting to improve their surfing as quickly as possible by adapting their board dimensions to their growth. BoardLine® is also appropriate for people wishing to go back to surfing after a time off. For every surfer wishing to enhance his/her performance, BoardLine® suggests the best possible equipment geared towards optimizing surfing performance and improvement.

Why are pro models taken as a reference in BoardLine?

How to choose the right board dimensions has been a question the surf industry has struggled to answer for years. We have reached the conclusion that one thing is certain: pro surfer must be taken as a reference, because they have tested more boards and combinations of dimensions than any normal surfer could hope to. And they have the skills to evaluate the boards and work with their shaper to improve the models. Advanced surfers can feel very small variations in the volume, dimensions or shape of their boards. From their experience, they have gained a great level of equipment performance. There is therefore nowhere better to start than from the pro's experience.

Once I’ve selected a pro model, how does BoardLine® go about adapting that pro model to suit my needs?

Once you've selected a pro model that you feel embodies the wave conditions you are targeting and your style of surfing, then this model has to be adapted to your build and ability. After having studied the physical problem extensively, the only physically-sound way to adapt a board model to your needs is by considering your weight and your level of surfing.

Every other physical parameter is wether :
- either already accounted for in the design of the board model (rail shape, concaves, etc. to adapt to a certain types of waves)
- or not "translated" to the board, like your size or body fat percentage....although you would benefit from cutting back on so many pizzas ;-) Indeed, the board only "feels" your weight and your ability. As a result, there is no need to add other parameters.

So it all comes down to your weight and level, when choosing your dimensions for a particular board model! After you've chosen a model and set your weight and level, the board model is scaled to your weight conserving all its proportions and shape and it is then tweaked to account for your level.

How is my weight accounted for in the board dimensions ?

To put it in a very simple manner, your board is constantly counteracting the weight of the surfer by pushing upwards against it : this is called Archimede's buoyancy force. This force is entirely defined by the volume of the board and is directly proportional to it. So if you want to mirror a chosen pro’s set-up, you need to adapt the volume of your board so that it counteracts your weight the exact same way the volume of the pro's board counteract their weight.

The weight is the major parameter: for any given type of board (e.g. a performance shortboard), if we combine the weights and volumes of a large number of pros, like in the following chart, then the volume-to-weight ratio is found to be very close to constant. It’s as if all pro surfers "tend" to a universal truth, just with their own experience of surfing.

Is my surfing style (back or front footer, wide or narrow stance, on-rail or flat surfing, etc.) accounted for by BoardLine® ?

Your style of surfing is instrinsically accounted for within the board model you choose. So you have to choose a board model that is developped by a pro whose style you feel you identify with. For example, if you had a wide stance, you could target Julian Wilson's boards or Alejo Muniz's for example.

How are the wave conditions (small/medium/big waves, hollow powerful waves, pushing flat-faced waves, etc.) taken into account by BoardLine® ?

The wave conditions are intrinsically accounted for within each surfboard model. So when you choose a model, it is oriented towards a particular type of waves, and that's when the wave conditions are accounted for in the computation process. But then, as the surfboard model is designed to suit the pro surfer's build and ability, BoardLine® allows you to adapt the dimensions to YOUR build and ability.

What should I remember about the science behind BoardLine®?

BoardLine® is all about providing you the right tools to improve your surfing.  From a given pro model, BoardLine® scales it, conserving all its proportions and shapes, so your weight and the board’s volume come in at the same ratio as for the pro surfers.

Dimensions obtained using your weight are then tweaked depending on your BoardLine® Factor, which includes your surfing frequency and technical ability. For example, if you are a less frequent surfer with medium technique, you should have a little bit more thickness at the stringer to allow easier paddling and more forgiveness.

If you surf frequently, are fit and have a good technical level, and if you wish to improve your surfing skills, BoardLine® suggests you ride the same dimensions as the corresponding pro would ride if he were your weight. That way, you have the best possible equipment geared towards optimizing your progression.

What do you mean by Small-wave boards and Performance boards?

Performance boards are shortboards designed to offer the maximum performance on normal waves. This doesn't mean you won't have fun on them! It just means that they are boards that will meet up your expectations in terms of technique. Whereas Small-wave boards are design to offer more buoyancy, more paddle comfort and more velocity where you up surfing.

Who's behind BoardLine®?

BoardLine® has been developped by two French guys, one being a surfer, a water sicence engineer and a fluid mechanics academic, and the other being a surfer and sales development manager. See our "About" section.

Where can I find the board I computed with BoardLine®?

In future developments, we are going to suggest where you can find the board computed with BoardLine®. It will be soon available in the app.

What if my surfing frequency and my skill level lead to different BoardLine-Factor values ? »

Generally, the surfer's frequency and technique level is very much correlated. But, if you feel you are in that case where your surfing frequency and your technique level are different, you should aim for the BoardLine® Factor that is the lower between your frequency and your technique, in order to improve your surfing and have more fun at the same time.

Any further question ?

If you have any further question, please contact us, we will enjoy giving you an answer.

Offer the benefit from sound Science as well as pro surfers' experience to get the best possible equipment geared towards optimizing surfing performance and improvement. BoardlLine’s mission is to provide the whole surf community with science-based tools and expertise to improve the surfing level across the world.

FOUNDERS BoardLineapp surfboard app is developed from France
BoardLine® has been founded by two French friends, who are in love with surfing and tired of riding confused equipment. Louis-Romain is a water-sience engineer and has a Ph.D. in fluid mechanics and Philippe is a sales development manager in a large firm.